How long does it take to customize your own bag

Have you ever wonder how long does it take to customize your own bag? You always looked at the modern fashion creation, and you wanted to do the same? Do you think that you have a talent for something like that, but you were just too shy to try? Maybe this short article will help you in order to achieve your dreams.


You probably did not know that it is not difficult to make full color bags. Of course, some are harder, and some are easier to make, but there simple ones that basically everyone could create in their own home.


There are plenty of video tutorials on how to make your own bag from which you can learn it quick. You can make a simple, but practical bag by following Stella McCartney steps too. She is a famous designer, and she is actually offering simple tips on how to customize your own bag.


She is a big fighter against animal cruelty, and her bags are made only of synthetic materials. For example, you can use polyester.


First, you will need one longer chain (one of 75 cm and two of 125cm), synthetic material (100 cm x 45 cm), a page from a fashion magazine for decoration (you will need around 35cm) and additional 6cm of material, which we will later use for bag closing.


The angles are cut side-by-side, two chains are attached on the left and one on the right (we limit the bag). The only part on which we do not sew the chain is the top because that part will go around the shoulder.


That 6 cm of the material that we cut off, goes to the bottom of the bag on the sides and it sews on the chain (on both sides).


When the bag is finished, we can attach the third chain to the chain at the top, on the side of the bag and fold it to become a letter bag.


If you did everything right, you made your own bag in less than 10 minutes!


There is also a bunch of tutorials on how to make bags out of your old t-shirt or jeans. We will include one in this article:


Cut the sleeves and collar of the t-shirt. Parallel with the lower edge, mark with the interrupted line – 5cm above the lower edge.


Underneath the line, cut the t-shirt into lines (using scissors). Now tie all the tapes into the nodes by tying the tape one after the other.


Tie up the top of the shirt too and turn the shirt upside down. That is all – you got another customizable bag, again in less than 10 minutes.


You see it is not that hard, but of course, if you want to make something nicer and more complex – you will need more time. Again, we recommend that you look at video tutorials, so you can easily manage to overcome all obstacles and achieve your dream – Becoming the designer.