5 Reasons you should go on a desert safari

If you enjoy the sun, sand dunes and the clear skies this is an adventure you must undertake. Simply because it offers you the opportunity to explore tranquility in a very different way as well as you can explore what life in a desert is like. You will also experience a different side to the conventional definition of the word desert. Dubai is the place to be if you are planning your desert safari dubai trip.
1 Experience the glory of nature.
Living in the city can take away a lot of the encounters that you could have with nature. The most beautiful part about spending time in the desert is the opportunity to experience nature to its fullest and in its most spectacular form. You will enjoy the beautiful sunsets that will surround every inch of you in this vast arid land. At night the sky seems like a blanket of stars. You could also opt to go for a nature trail hike, a great way to explore the wildlife in the desert, you will have the opportunity to see sand Gazelles if you are lucky.
2 A good time to Book
The best time to visit is during the winters (November to March) when Dubai is buzzing with its annual shopping festival. Also, it is easier to participate in a lot of outdoor activities as the weather is more pleasant during this time of the year.Summers (April to October) can be extremely hot and humid in Dubai, however, if you’re looking for a good deal, something that you could score at a lower price it is a great time to visit.
3 Great Activities
The most famous and fun activity that you would experience is Sand Dune bashing. For those of you who enjoy the idea of driving at increasing and decreasing speed, up and down the dunes, you must be here.You could opt for a camel ride, which is a beautiful way of moving around while you are here. A lot of tour organizer offer quad biking and sand surfing in case you like that sort of thing. You could also book yourself a hot air balloon ride in the morning from Dubai.
4 Entertainment at its best
While you are at the desert safari, it is a great time to experience the culture and lifestyle of the local people. You could choose to experience the very famous body art (henna tattoos). You could also choose to be a part of social gatherings where people participate in traditional song and dance, this is a great way to experience tradition first hand. Smoking sheesha is also an option while you laze and soak in the culture.
5 Food that is irresistible
The best part is experiencing the cuisine of the region while you’re on your desert safari. The lavish BBQ Spreads and an all you can eat buffet will surely be a treat to your stomach. You will enjoy eating at these Bedouin style camps.
Besides Dubai, you could also go to Rajasthan in India. The experience would be similar however a difference in culture food and tradition will be awaiting you.

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