Do air ducts have to be cleaned?

The ducts leading to your conditioner must be kept as clean as possible. This is because they have the potential to affect the performance of your air conditioning equipment negatively. For example, sometimes they may be blocked by excess dust particles or a combination of smoke and dust particles. In some cases, they can get narrowed through a mix of smoke and fur from domesticated animals such as cats and house dogs. All these factors have the potential to affect the performance of your conditioner. Therefore, you have to ensure that any duct leading to the conditioner is kept clean at all times.

Most experts say that a pipe should be cleaned after a period ranging from three to five years has elapsed.

One of the most notable reason of having the duct cleaned on a regular basis is the fact that it leads to maintaining good health. This might appear irrelevant to this subject. However, it will prove to be relevant to the matter at hand after critical analysis. Suppose it becomes too hot, how will your conditioning unit function properly if the ducts leading to it are blocked or narrow?If this happens, you may not have fresh air in your house. The outcome of not having fresh air circulating in the rooms of your house is ill health. Suppose you are surrounded by people who smoke or one of the members of your house smokes, your health will be at risk if the conditioning unit is not functioning properly. The situation might even be worse if one of the members of your house has respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Based on all the reasons above, you have to ensure that the ducts are kept as clean as possible.

The simple fact is that air conditioners do not function properly if the ducts leading to them are either narrow or blocked. The conditioner can become overworked if the tubes are blocked, or they are narrow. If the conditioning unit gets overworked, your electricity bills will increase. Suppose your conditioner runs on gas, your expenditure on gas will increase. As a matter of fact, your spending on gas might increase by more than three times. Imagine the outcome of such an increase in your expenditure on gas. It may call for the need to cut on certain extraordinary costs such as food and car fuel to sustain your air conditioner. If the conditioning unit is so overworked that it ends up breaking down, you will have to buy and install a new one. You may also be required to call an expert if there is still a possibility of repairing your current conditioning unit. All the above can be avoided if the ducts are kept clean.

5 Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned (Be sure to search google for Best Air Ducts Cleaned).

Lower Utility Bills

Having the home duct system cleaned can save up to 21% on a person’s monthly energy bill. This means having even 4/10 of an inch of dust removed from your ducts can save a significant amount of money. Depending on the size of the house, these savings can be anywhere from a few dollars per year to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an enormous home.

Preventative Maintenance

Failing to keep up with your regular maintenance on heating and air conditioning systems is one main reason as to why over ninety percent (90%) of these systems may tend to break down. When these systems begin to show signs of wear or start to breakdown, it will most likely mean that high stress and expensive repair costs are in the positive future of the homeowners.

Health and Wellness

Maintaining healthy and clean indoor air for your home can often be achieved by maintaining clean air ducts. There are many microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, and mildew which are quite often released throughout a person’s home, office, or another place of business when things are not kept periodically and adequately clean.


All people who suffer from allergies completely understand that maintaining an allergen-free home is essential in reducing their allergy symptoms. A professionally cleaned system lessens the amounts of allergens which are released into a home.


Periodic cleaning will also help remove offensive orders, as well as musty smells from homes and businesses. Many times these odors will develop if water has entered the duct system. Therefore any time a home or business ends up with water in their canals, from a flood or after a fire they should hire a professional to provide home duct cleaning services.

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