The Truth About Ab Belts

Every time you open the television, you see an advertisement for ab belts. You know these belts, that you tie around your stomach and they start vibrating around your abs. It is this movement that is supposed to give you a workout that will strengthen your abs. It is a battery operated belt which helps tone down your stomach using vibration or pulses. It has gel pads which are strategically placed right on the target area.

Often, these slendertone ab belts at are advertised by handsome men and women, those who already have a Greek god like body well before they were contracted to appear in the advertisement. It is important that you know that these actors are usually already healthy and fit beforehand.

Now you may be thinking as you watch the advertisement: do ab belts really work? Let us talk about what it is all about.In the advertisements for the more popular ab belts, the claim generally goes along the following lines: it can help you strengthen and tone your abs. It does not say anything about helping you burn your fat. It is because there is no proof of that and it may also lead to false advertisement charges.

According to Federal Trade Commission, using the ab belts can not help you lose belly fat, it can’t help you get a six pack flat stomach. What the Federal Trade Commission does not reject is that these belts can temporarily help you strengthen and tone your abs. However, this won’t benefit you until you follow a healthy diet and do other exercises that help you burn off the belly fat. If this is the case, what is the use of paying a large sum of money for ab belts?

Using ab belts should generally last for up to 20 minutes at a time. If you have the need to use it beyond that time, it is necessary to let it rest for a few minutes before restarting it for another twenty minutes time. This is recommended to make sure that your belt will work for a long time and you can also get your stomach worked out.
Some people do say that these machines make their abs stronger. This may be true for the beginners but as your body gets stronger, the pulse of the belts will need to be turned higher. This is quite unbearable for healthy people. They just can’t bear how strong the electric pulse needs to become.

One this is clear, there are probably tens if not hundreds of products in the market which claim to help you get a flat stomach and get rid of extra fat. There are pills, tablets, herbal medicines, work out machines and ab belts. Not most of them work and they would make you spend money without achieving any results. The companies stay within the legal boundaries and use images to make you believe that you will get six pack abs by using these belts without any efforts. Don’t expect any miracle. To get flat stomach requires constant efforts, time and dedication. Don’t buy anything expecting miracles. This will lead to bitterness.

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