Tummy Tuck Belts

A tummy tuck belt permanently removes saggy skin and fat to smooth out bulging bellies and also tighten underlying abdominal muscles to help redefine the contours of the waist. Contingent upon the sum and area of free, droopy skin, distinctive sorts of tummy tuck belts might be prompted:
– Standard tummy tuck
– Extended tummy tuck
– Mini tummy tuck

Standard tummy tuck belt (NonSurgicalTummyTuck.com) involves a horizontal incision just above the pubic hairline and can be hidden in underpants or bikini. Excess skin and fat are removed, and the abdominal muscles are tightened to create a smoother and more defined waistline.
Extended tummy tuck belt
Extended tummy tuck belt in is virtually identical to the standard version, except the incision extends beyond the hip bones. The extended variation is recommended when excess skin is also present on the sides of your abdomen.

Mini tummy tuck belt
If you’re looking to get rid of the middle to the below-the-belt pouch, the result of pregnancy or two, then this is a realistic option. You can be home the same day, but you should expect a small amount of pain because it is a deep incision. You can be back to normal after two weeks.

Good Candidates for tummy tuck belt
Tummy tuck belt candidates are healthy men and women with excess abdominal skin who are of stable weight and not obese. They are people with reasonable objectives who don’t have wellbeing conditions that can block mending, for example, diabetes or immune system illness. If you have a condition that may compromise your health, make certain your plastic surgeon is aware. Women considering future pregnancies may wish to postpone a tummy tuck belt. A tummy tuck will not interfere with pregnancy; however, the benefits of a tummy tuck belt can be significantly diminished following pregnancy.

What to Expect
During the first 24 – 48 hours following recovery it is imperative that a responsible family member or caregiver be with you at all times, depending on the extent of your surgery. You will experience some tightness and discomfort in the abdominal zone and additionally at the entry point locales. This can be controlled with a solution. By and large, you’ll be advised by your plastic surgeon not to stand upright and sleep only in a reclining option with pillows supporting the knees, generally for 1-2 weeks following surgery. It is also vital that you begin walking as soon as possible to reduce the chance of blood clot formation. But avoid vigorous exercise until you can do it comfortably. It will take up to a year to fade the scars. That’s it. There is no denying that the Abdominoplasty can be laborious surgery, but it also can dramatically improve your appearance and self-esteem. Think twice and act wisely.

The recovery period
After your tummy tuck surgery, there will be dressings over your incisions; You may have an elastic bandage or a compression bandage applied.This will aid in support and minimize swelling as it heals. A small drain may be under the skin; this will drain any excess fluid or blood that may accumulate after the surgery.

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